COURSES WE OFFER at Musical Connections


Educational programs presented by Musical Connections introduce students to Russian folk music, instruments, and culture, as well as general musical tempos and styles. Each dazzling forty-five minute stage performance and/or enriching thirty minute workshop is adapted for students from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. The program may be presented in English or Spanish.

Presented by Kalinka for younger audiences and The Flying Balalaika Brothers for middle and high school students, each performer is a professional musician and virtuoso performer of Russian, Ukrainian and Eastern European folk music. They share the universal language of music with students and open their minds to the cultural richness of people through their stories.  Dressed in colorful folk costumes and using cultural artifacts, these musicians engage and mesmerize students with the splendor of their artistry while teaching them about art, music, Russia, history, literature and world cultures.

TWO Programs are available

The Stage Performance:

Introduces students to traditional Russian folk instruments of the string and wind family, namely the Balalaika and Bayan (Russian accordion) and explains and demonstrates how they produce their sound. Similarities and differences between Russian Classical and Russian Folk music styles are discussed, as well as the similarities and differences between these Eastern European instruments and American folk instruments and musical styles. Introduces students to Eastern European culture, music & languages with an emphasis on Russia and entertains their audiences with translations of the songs as they tell stories from the land where they were born.

Discusses the geography and history of Russia and the Ukraine. Teaches students to recognize and remember musical tempos through dance and clapping rhythms. Provides exciting, enjoyable and wholesome music to people of all ages.


Russian Folktales for Children is a musical presentation with an entertaining combination of story telling and live music that acquaints classic Russian stories to children.

Objective:  To guide young audiences to follow a story by the music.  To recognize different characters of the story through the sound of typical Russian musical instruments and the way they are played.

  • The Stage Performance is 45 minutes.
  • The Workshop is 30 minutes in length.
  • The Stage Performance can be presented, followed by Workshops in several classes.