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Musical Connections is committed to providing musical education to children and adults throughout Texas. Our mission is to unite top-performing artists from across the United States and around the world to be ambassadors of goodwill, communication and understanding between cultures. Our program provides musicians of all ages with the opportunity to gain a deeper appreciation for ethnic and cultural diversity through the power of music – and we have spent the past six years working toward that goal through performances in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin. During this time, we were honored to have the support of the Austin City Cultural Contractors, the Texas Commission for the Arts, One World Theatre, the Dallas City Touring Program and the Young Audiences of North Texas.

Today, we have the opportunity to bring our program to the Austin area. However, the budget to support such opportunities in this region is extremely limited. It is only with your support that we can realize our goal of spreading our passion for multicultural music to the people of Austin.

Donations to Musical Connections are greatly appreciated. Your tax-deductible contributions are used to fund concerts and events that inspire a lifelong love of music and a greater understanding of cultures in our community. To donate, please mail your contribution via cash or check to Musical Connections at 515 Krebs Lane #101, Austin, Texas 78704. Thank you for your support.

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