The mother’s day concert with musical connections was beyond beautiful. Audience members were moved by classical piano as well as a gorgeous setting, which went from a forest scene to simple starlight to video accompaniment. Nina McIntire, a renowned pianist clad in a long red dress, put together a perfect assembly of compositions for mothers and their families. One of her specialties is combining music within different genres and placing them into the classical music category. When she mixed a lullaby with Michael Jackson’s “We are the World”, one mother in the audience was moved to tears due to her significance with the two songs. Nina also impressed the audience with the ability to sync her playing along with videos she put together. They watched as her movements perfectly mimicked those of her past self playing the keyboard on a cliff. Musical Connections often puts together concerts which hold a sense of mystery or magic. Since life in this day and age is so fast paced, it can be weird to slow down and listen to classical music from all around the world, but it’s a certain necessity for everyone to experience at least once.

Christina W. Student in Allegheny University, PA