Maslenitsa - Slavic Mardi Gras Festival

@ Texas Music Ranch

Welcome to Maslenitsa, the rich Slavic carnival traditions!

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5220 N Fm 973, Austin, TX 78724, United States 5125742767

We are extremely excited to announce Maslenitsa Slavic Mardi Gras Fair! Welcome to Maslenitsa, the rich Slavic carnival traditions!

Numerous countries enjoy a pancake blowout on Fat Tuesday, but no culture fries up a storm quite like the Slavic. The rituals of Maslenitsa are very unusual and interesting because they combine the end of the winter holiday rituals and the opening of new spring festivals and ceremonies, which were to promote a rich harvest. Maslenitsa Mardi Gras is a family event with traditional performances, colorful costume parade and games. There is music and of course a lot of food with the quintessential Maslenitsa delicacy: blini (pancakes) topped with caviar, mushrooms, jam, sour cream, and of course, lots of butter. Our vendors featuring original art, unique gifts, Slavic artifacts souvenirs, jewelry, handmade treasures, home decor, outdoor furnishings consumable yummies, and a little more. See, touch and take home a piece of history at the Maslenitsa Slavic Mardi Gras Festival. You’ll discover the beauty and wonder of the Slavic culture.

There will be body painting, live music, dance and carnival games! Learn traditional Russian Line dance Kadrille and ritual circle dance Khorovod. Theater, puppets, singing, and fireworks are all a part of the Maslenitsa celebrations.

And don’t miss Maslenitsa Parade, an excuse to dress up and learning about Slavic heritage.

Then, of course, there was singing and dancing. There would be a bonfire, on which the scarecrow was be burned in a ritual to see off the winter at end of the day.

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By Znenya Rock & Nataly Murph sponsor by Musical Connections