Kalinka's 20th

@ Hope Presbyterian Church

Venue Details

11512 Olsen Dr., Austin, TX 78750, United States

Musical Connections/Master’s Music Concert Series present unique multi-cultural musical programs featuring, traditional music from Russia. The project includes one public concert in Austin, allowing Central Texas multicultural communities to experience music heritages from other parts of the world. The production of Master Music Concert Series performances will target all audiences and all age groups. The concert is public concert. In the concert, Mr. Vashchenko, on balalaika, and Mr. Kaliazine, on bayan, present both classical, folk and Classical music from Russia and Europe celebrating Kalinka 20 Years Anniversary. They will dazzle you with pieces which they arranged, from Liszt, Paganini and Rimsky-Korsakov, as well as familiar Russian Folk songs like Kalinka and Moscow Nights.