@ Unity Church of the Hills

The Russian Speakers Society of Austin presents a concert featuring outstanding musicians: Nina McIntire and Flying Balalaika Brothers

Venue Details

9905 Anderson Mill Rd., Austin, TX 78750, United States (512) 335-4449

Nina McIntire from St. Petersburg, Russia completed her degree in Master of the Fine Arts at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow. Nina has recently been very active on the international music scene as a pianist, presenting her latest project “Ivory Fantasy” – a fascinating combination of classical music and her own compositions arranged in a revolutionary modern style, integrating a variety of musical genres such as ragtime, jazz, pop, and blues. The popularity of this project is already reflected in the extremely successful concerts in Finland, Russia, Germany and the United States.

The Flying Balalaika Brothers were originally comprised of two virtuoso native Russian musicians who combined classical training with folk traditions, later joining American musicians to create a unique sound. First established themselves at small festivals (Gilroy Festival, Sawdust Festival, Valencia Street Market, Pecan Street Festival, Music Under the Stars, Kerrville Folk Festival), they now perform in concert halls around the nation. This group features vocalist Zhenya Rock on balalaika, accordion, guitar, and banjo; Sergey Vashchenko on balalaika, bass, accordion; Aaryn Russell on guitar and bass balalaika; Dustin Russell on drums, and Corinne Zappler on viola.